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Voice lessons

Aside from performing, teaching has been my main vocation: I have been teaching voice for over fifteen years to a wide range of students, not only in terms of musical interests (genres, levels, ambitions) but also from an age and a cultural background perspective. Each student is unique and this is what renders giving each lesson so thrilling and challenging at the same time.  As in the case of music performance, giving lessons is very enjoyable for me because of the creativity involved when preparing for each lesson, for the purpose of adapting to each student’s needs and interests while devoting full attention at every moment and note during each lesson.

Moreover, the supplementary technical knowledge I acquired in addition to my classical training in the Conservatory (e.g. Jo Estill method, extended vocal techniques, Alexander technique) is a broadening of the range of tools which has enabled me, not only to explore performance of music genres beyond my classical-contemporary / baroque register but also to grasp, when listening to each student, which technical notion can be improved for an optimal voice quality as well as a safe, healthy & long-term sustainable use of the instrument.

My interests goes beyond vocal music, drama and movement foundations have enabled me to complement my vocal knowledge in a way that has been broadening my repertoire as well as my technical skills and musicality, which I am very happy to share when the didactic framework requires so.

This integral approach merging the application, of both vocal and non-vocal skills, made me realise how beneficial lessons are to clients not only from a purely musical perspective but also for the well-being of the student ranging from body posture and movement empowerment to the very vital act of breathing, which has a dramatic impact, beyond music performance, on health as well as on athletic performance. This intimate connection between physiological parameters and breathing has been largely studied by Dr. Stephen Porges through his Polyvagal Theory. Thanks to said Theory, the link between breathing patterns and heart rate function is nowadays undeniable and can be used, e.g., through music-related breathing exercises, for providing palpable benefits, both at a physical layer as well as neurological benefits, alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety. Being exposed to this Theory during my training as a music therapist has provided me with a confirmation of a long-time felt intuition as to the inextricable link between singing and physio&psychological well-being. The mastery of breathing techniques taught during singing lessons has a direct, often immediate, impact on nervous system regulation, which in most cases is noticeable within the first five to ten minutes of a lesson. 

In view of the above, my approach on teaching aims at improving technique and musicality, as well as empowering each student to find their own natural voice, register & style and follow their artistic inspiration in a holistic manner.

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Elisenda is a super teacher. Her experience as a professional musician and her knowledge in communicating with students are invaluable. Lesson after lesson control of the voice and of the body grow steadily, while the repertoire gets richer and varied and the artistic nuances and insights appear clearer and clearer. Every singing lesson with Elisenda makes your day!

Guido Braccini

Elisenda is a very dedicated vocal coach focusing on the physiology of singing and teaching from the bottom of her heart. Under others she helped me overcome successfully an "a" vowel problem rooted in a dialect in my Hungarian mother tongue, which I never believed was possible. I will always be very thankful for that! Her uplifting but at the same time very serious and concentrated singing sessions equal to therapy using the magic world of sound resonations. I recommend her for any levels of singing experience with great confidence! 
Kinga Villanyi Kelemen  (classically trained hobby singer)

Having Elisenda as vocal coach in the last few months has been wonderful, I have seen the improvement already. I have learned a lot by focusing first in technique so that I can practice later independently which is what I needed. Besides she is amazing detecting and explaining very clear the changes I need to do in my body to improve my voice quality.  Ana María Echavarría

Elisenda - thank heaven I found her :) Elisenda gave me back the fun of singing, whether Pop, Jazz or Mozart, she teaches me everything I want to sing but also comes up with wonderful ideas herself as to what I could sing. Her basis for teaching is a deep understanding of singing technique such as correct breathing and body tension, and she explains these important principles with great commitment and a lot of patience. I made a lot of progress so far that I had never expected. Thank you, Elisenda!
E. Strack

I am a pianist who recently started singing in choir.
My singing habits have improved a lot since I take lessons from Elisenda Pujals. 
She helps me overcoming wrong aspects in my body posture and voice, and finds what works best in my case. 
I find her recommendations and tips very insightful and effective, both about technique and interpretation.
Angela Cera

The lessons with Elisenda have always been the highlights of my week. Not only I train in new techniques and learn how to sing new pieces of beautiful music but more importantly I always end our lessons energised and full of positive energy. 
The singing itself combined with breathing exercises which are integral part of lessons with Elisenda allows me not only to enjoy great moments during lessons but also assist me in being more efficient and effective in my professional life.

I have been one of Elisenda´s students for more than 4 years, and I enjoyed every lesson. Not only have I learned to sing, but I have rarely met
a teacher who is so positive and dedicated.
Martin Fritz

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